The 9th WEXNET

WEXNET is the largest exhibition of Pakistan for women entrepreneurs organized by Trade Development Authority of Pakistan. It gives a platform to women from all over Pakistan and abroad to experience the competitive yet distinctive opportunity under one roof. Women entrepreneurs sell their products in leading market of Pakistan i.e. Lahore or Karachi. Thousands of visitors come every year to buy the diversified products of Pakistan.There is no other place where one can find kachatanka of Multan, Kashmiri shawl, Gilgit-baltistan’s Gems and stones, Quetta’s unique embroidery , Sindhi Ajrak , Sialkot’s Leather products, Bahawalpur’s embroidery , Lahori fabric and food and much more . The significant factor of this mega event is that a buyer can find fine qualities products with multiple range of prices and able to find products according to his/her budget.

History of WEXNET

Trade Development Authority of Pakistan, Ministry of Commerce, and Government of Pakistan organizes WEXNET, a National Exhibition for Women Entrepreneurs producing export quality products, to support and promote the SME sector. TDAP (the then EPB) created its brand WEXNET (a Network for Women Exporters) in 2001 due to a demand from the neglected women sector which needed marketing support. Starting from 2000, eight women entrepreneur exhibitions have been organized. With the WEXNET brand, exhibitions were held in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2010 and 2014 at Karachi and Lahore. In 2014 there were 300+ exhibitors participated in WEXNET Lahore and more than 25000 visitors come to the show. TDAP is now organizing the 9th WEXNET 2015, at Expo Centre, Lahore from 4-6 December, 2015. WEXNET is a formalized structure which provides women with the opportunities to exhibit their products, network with each other, learn from others’ experiences and form collaborations and partnerships for mutual benefits. It is recognized as the only national exhibition for women entrepreneurs in Pakistan.

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